Auto Repair and Maintenance for Lexus and Toyota


What brands to do we work on?

We only work on Lexus and Toyota brand vehicles.


Why don't we work on other brands?

By specializing on just Lexus and Toyota vehicles, it has made us experts. We are able to perform work quicker and more accurate than other shops saving you time and money.

Our specializing benefits you by being able to service and repair your vehicle correctly the first time avoiding comebacks and wasting your valuable time.

We are able to save you money by part sourcing to the best vendors. 


What if I have a Lexus or Toyota, and love your service so much that I want you to work on another brand that I own?

Simply ask us about your other brand vehicle.  We may be able to help you.  This depends on how well we think we can provide service and our current workload.  In some cases we can say yes, other times we cannot.


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