Auto Repair and Services
Offered by Ken's Quality Auto Repair of Thousand Oaks

  • We only work on Lexus and Toyota vehicles.  Read More.
  • We keep your vehicles running optimally with proper preventative maintenance.
  • We perform the required under-warranty maintenance on your new vehicles too. 
    No need to go to the dealerships for maintenance services.
  • We perform all out-of-warranty repairs from minor to major.
  • Here is a short list of some of the services we perform for your vehicles:
    • Routine oil change service
    • 30K, 60K, 90K, 120K, etc service.
    • Air conditioning service and inspections
    • Electrical repairs and testing
    • Complete vehicle inspections
    • Computer diagnostics
    • Pre-owned vehicle 'before you buy' inspections
    • Diagnostic services
    • Transmission service and repairs
    • Engine service and repairs
    • Cooling system flushes and repairs
    • Brake inspections and repairs
    • Tire rotation
    • Power steering service and repairs
    • Fuel system service
    • Suspension inspections, shocks and struts
    • Complete 'pre-road trip' inspections
    • Exhaust and catalytic converters repairs
  • Find out more about our qualifications here.